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Noel Wentworth

Noel Wentworth

Noel Wentworth



Problem Solving


“Noel’s gentle, kind manner brought out the best in Cory and encouraged him to go further on the Guitar.”
– Chriss Janko

Event Organizer

“My son was taught guitar by Noel, and he simply is one of the best teachers and nicest people you can ever hope to meet!”
– Bill Grigg

Video Design

Email Signature Video (Marketing)

“Get to know you” marketing Video

Birthday Party Lip-sync

“Noel is friendly and kind and helped support me to reach my goals on the Guitar. I’ve now enrolled my own two children too.”
– Andrea Klassen


“Noel teaches his students to believe in themselves and to reach their full potential. I am so grateful to have had him as my teacher.”
– Lexie Salsibury

“Mr Wentworth’s insight into music has been instrumental in taking my artistic expression to another level.” 
– Nyree Handley


“Noel is calm, understanding and found ways to push my abilities…”
– Carter Kletke



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    Noel is the BC representative for Rockschool

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