Noel Wentworth performs with Alan Frew from Glass Tiger

In Oct 2014 Noel Wentworth got the chance to play with Glass Tigers frontman Alan Frew. Noel was asked by a concert promoter if he had any students who could play with Alan at a benefit concert so Noel put together a small ensemble and prepared for a night of music with the singer. The day before the show when Alan stopped by Wentworth Music to rent a Guitar, Noel comped the Guitar rental and in return asked if Alan could come back to the school and sign some lyric sheets to hang along side the other lyrics signed by Jim Vallance. Noel already knew that Jim Vallance had written quite a few of  Glass Tigers greatest hits and Alan was quite excited to see!

When Alan, Noel and Carmella Long (Alan’s Backup singer) got to the back of the store, Alan commented on Valance’s lyrics and the stories attached to them. But surprisingly to Noel, Alan offered to hand write some lyrics to hang on the wall along side the others. What a thrill to have the singer/songwriter in your office writing out lyrics to a song you grew up listening to on the radio.

Then Alan asked who was playing Guitar with the students. Noel responded that he thought Alan was playing. It turned out that Alan didn’t know that song on Guitar and ask Noel if he could fill in. Noel of course jumped at the chance.

At sound check, the technicians were running behind (like, over an hour behind). Alan sat on the front of the stage and began warming up with Carmella singing Glass Tiger songs made popular on the radio. Noel didn’t hesitate and just joined in. Next thing he knew he was playing to the greatest hits of Glass Tiger with the voice he remembered from the radio. Noel had never really learned a Glass Tiger song all the way through but because he had heard the songs on the radio for years he was able play along without any issues at all.

After sound check Alan said “You seem to know all the songs, why don’t you join us tonight?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

So Noel did… Alan signed an Acoustic Guitar the next day with the Lyrics for Don’t forget me when I’m gone that now hangs proudly at his music school.

One of the highlights in a career based in music.